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SMA screening with HorizonTM

With new treatments for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), screening isn’t just knowledge. Carrier screening means informed decisions and the opportunity for earlier, more effective, treatment; it means the chance to change the course of a child’s life.


Horizon’s leading-edge technology delivers exceptional breadth and depth. Horizon’s trusted technology includes next-generation sequencing (NGS) and enhanced SNP-based technology, providing comprehensive screening and a high detection rate for carriers of SMA.

A Fresh Perspective on DNA

View Our Webinar: Enabling Better Outcomes Through SMA Carrier Screening

With the availability of SMA gene therapies, carrier screening can lead to earlier treatment and better outcomes. Learn how you can make a difference by offering carrier screening to your patients.


Hear about one family’s journey with SMA and how the latest gene therapies can alter the course of SMA in infants as early as a few weeks after birth.

  • Alecia Camp
    Mother of Lola who was diagnosed with SMA at 5 months of age
  • Barry Byrne, MD
    Pediatric cardiologist specializing in gene therapy at the University of Florida

Learn about SMA and the need for screening through Lola’s story

“It went from, ‘I’m going to coach her soccer or softball team’… to ‘I’m going to coach her how to roll around in a wheelchair and maybe one day she’ll walk.”

Brady Camp

Father of Lola (born with SMA)

Learn More About Horizon

All carrier screening is not equal, and choosing the right test for your patients is critical. Traditional screening misses ~60% of patients Horizon identifies as at-risk SMA carriers. Learn how Horizon leverages advanced technology and unmatched support to help you and your patients.

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