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DNA is in our blood

Natera is a global leader in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing, dedicated to oncology, women’s health, and organ health. We aim to make personalized genetic testing and diagnostics part of the standard of care to protect health and inform earlier, more targeted interventions that help lead to longer, healthier lives.

Natera's story

Innovating with Integrity


Validation and Evidence

We validate our tests with clinical studies and make data publicly available.


peer-reviewed publications


Quality and Accuracy

We meet or exceed applicable industry and regulatory standards for all our tests.


CAP–accredited laboratories


Support and Transparency

We provide expert support to help make our test results clear and easy to understand.


patient/provider support sessions annually

Investing in Research

We have participated in some of the largest cfDNA prospective trials conducted to date.

  • CIRCULATE : A study of molecular-residual-disease-guided treatment in 3,000+ patients with colorectal cancer using the Signatera™ personalized tumor-informed circulating tumor DNA assay
  • SMART: The largest prospective, real-world population study of noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) conducted to date, involving 18,000+ pregnancies
  • Trifecta: The largest prospective, fully biopsy-matched cohort study to date evaluating donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA) for kidney transplant recipients
Investing in Research

Reporting Results with Context

We provide clear and detailed test reports to help inform next steps.

  • Signatera™: reports whether circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is detected and provides the mean tumor molecular per ML (MTM/mL) for longitudinal assessment
  • Panorama™: reports positive predictive value (PPV) for high risk results, negative predictive value (NPV) for low risk results, and a fetal fraction assessment
  • Prospera™: reports rejection through analysis of donor-derived cfDNA

Acting with Care for the Future

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business.

  • Natera complies with all applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations and we conduct regular reviews to ensure our supplier partners and contractors do the same.
  • As part of our sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) program, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our laboratories, our corporate offices, our supply chain, and our waste operations.
Acting with Care for the Future

Advancing the leading edge of molecular diagnostics

Natera was founded from a personal mission to help change standards of care.

Matthew Rabinowitz

In 2004, my sister gave birth to a son with Down syndrome. He passed away six days after birth. It was a devastating experience for our entire family. I founded Natera because I believe all families deserve access to technologies that offer early detection of genetic disease.

2022 menu womens health icon SMART, the largest ever prospective NIPT study published in AJOG
2021 menu cancer icon Medicare LCD for Pan-Cancer Immunotherapy Monitoring with Signatera
2021 lung icon Prospera Lung Transplant Assessment test introduced
2021 heart icon Prospera Heart Transplant Assessment test introduced
2021 breast cancer icon Signatera Breast molecular residual disease test introduced
2021 menu cancer icon FDA Grants two Breakthrough Designations for development of Signatera through Phase III clinical trials as a companion diagnostic to two cancer therapies
2021 altera icon Altera tumor genomic profile test introduced
2020 menu cancer icon Publication in Nature Cancer shows Signatera’s ability to evaluate tumor response to immunotherapy
2020 menu renal health icon Renasight kidney gene panel introduced
2020 Natera expands lab footprint with a facility in Austin, Texas
2020 menu womens health icon Empower hereditary cancer test introduced
2019 menu renal health icon Prospera donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA) transplant assessment test introduced
2019 menu womens health icon Panorama NIPT achieves 2 million test milestone
2019 menu cancer icon FDA grants breakthrough device designation to Natera’s Signatera test
2019 menu cancer icon Signatera CLIA test introduced
2018 menu cancer icon Natera and Fox Chase Cancer Center collaborate on kidney cancer study using the Signatera RUO test
2017 menu cancer icon Study published in Nature shows early relapse detection in lung cancer using Natera’s circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) technology
2017 menu cancer icon Signatera molecular residual disease (MRD) test introduced (Research Use Only)
2017 menu womens health icon Vistara single-gene NIPT introduced
2016 menu renal health icon Natera and USCF collaborate on a study evaluating the use of donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA) in kidney transplant patients
2015 Natera, Inc. holds Initial Public Offering (IPO)
2013 menu womens health icon Panorama next-generation NIPT introduced
2012 menu womens health icon Horizon advanced carrier screening test introduced
2010 menu womens health icon Anora miscarriage test (POC) introduced
2009 menu womens health icon Spectrum preimplantation genetic test introduced
2004 Natera, Inc. is founded by Matthew Rabinowitz, Ph.D. and Jonathan Sheena, M. Eng
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