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Altera™ Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

Support treatment decisions with comprehensive tumor profiling

Gain deep insight into the tumor’s genomic alterations and oncology biomarkers with Altera. The detailed sequencing report includes FDA-approved treatments, novel treatment approaches and ongoing clinical trials targeting found mutations. Unlike any other tumor profiling assay, Altera also enables molecular residual disease (MRD) monitoring with the Signatera assay.

Altera genomic profile report: Comprehensive patient insights in one place


  • Somatic profiling that includes: RNA sequencing (call fusions with established clinical reference, detect novel fusions), introns, promoters; reporting TMB, MSI, and genes related to HRD


  • FDA-approved treatments for patient-specific genomic targets, as well as novel approaches to detected targets when standard of care is exhausted


  • List of clinical trials recruiting for detected genomic targets
Altera genomic profile report: Comprehensive patient insights in one place
Altera can support your therapy selection

Altera can support your therapy selection

Altera’s tumor genomic testing supports therapy selection by prioritizing potentially beneficial therapies based on a patient’s tumor biomarkers and cancer type.

Altera tumor genomic profiling offers a whole exome and transcriptome-based approach for Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) with boosted >500X coverage for 440 medically important genes. As a result, Altera provides full details on known cancer driver genes as well as less common biomarkers.

One tumor sample – two tests

With one tumor sample, you can order Altera to guide therapy selection and Signatera to monitor treatment response and disease recurrence. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Tissue preservation
  • One-stop-shop ordering for two tests
  • Enablement of long-term monitoring
  • Ordering and results through physician portal
  • Simpler logistics for patients
  • Truly personalized care for your oncology patients
One tumor sample – two tests

Have patients on immunotherapy?

Learn how Signatera could improve patient outcomes by aiding timely switching of therapies and potentially avoiding over-treatment

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