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Women’s Health


Natera offers a full menu of high-quality genetic tests to support the entire spectrum of women’s health needs—from planning a family and prenatal testing to hereditary cancer screening.

Our Tests
Panorama (Next-Generation NIPT) - Check a baby’s health during pregnancy
Use a simple blood test for mom to check a baby’s risk for chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome.
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Horizon (Advanced Carrier Screening) - Assess genetic risks when starting a family
Learn about a couple’s likelihood of passing along a serious genetic condition.
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Empower (Hereditary Cancer Test) - Determine the risk of developing common hereditary cancers
Seize the opportunity to take preventive action by assessing hereditary cancer risk.
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Spectrum (Preimplantation Genetics) - Increase the chances of a healthy IVF pregnancy
Make more confident implantation decisions by identifying the healthiest embryos during IVF.
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Vistara (Single-Gene NIPT) - Get more information on baby's health during pregnancy
Check a baby’s risk for an additional 25 genetic conditions that might otherwise go undetected during pregnancy.
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Anora (Miscarriage Test) - Seek answers following pregnancy loss
Get more information about why a miscarriage occurred and how it may affect the likelihood of another loss.
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