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Covered by Medicare for patients with stage II-IV breast cancer

Signatera™ for Breast Cancer

Personalized, tumor-informed ctDNA molecular residual disease (MRD) testing for breast cancer to inform critical decisions for care.

Monitor Your Breast Cancer

The Signatera™ Residual Disease Test is a custom-built blood test for people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or other solid tumors. Signatera™ can detect molecular residual disease (MRD) in the form of circulating tumor DNA—small fragments of DNA released by cancer cells.

How it works

The first time your doctor orders Signatera™, a one time tissue sample and a blood sample are needed to build your unique test.

After your test is built, you will need to get your blood drawn each time your doctor orders Signatera™.

Repeated Signatera™ testing can show changes in your ctDNA levels, helping your doctor understand if your cancer is shrinking, growing, or coming back.

  • Inform Your Treatment Plan

    If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you likely have many questions. When used alongside other tests, Signatera™ can help guide your care by helping you and your doctor find answers.

  • Is there cancer left?
    After Treatment
    • Signatera™ testing after surgery and/or initial treatment can help your doctor learn if residual traces of cancer remain in your body. This information can help you and your doctor understand your risk of recurrence, decide on what treatment to recommend, and plan your monitoring strategy.1-4
    • Signatera™ is covered by Medicare for stage IIb and higher breast cancer patients
  • Is my cancer likely to come back?
  • Is my immunotherapy working?

Providing Answers Throughout the Patient Journey

Angela’s Story

Like many patients, Angela has faced many questions throughout her journey with high risk breast cancer – what’s the next step in my treatment? Is the cancer ever going to come back? What’s causing this symptom?

Listen to the story of how she asked her doctor about Signatera™ to help monitor for recurrence and treatment response, giving her the peace of mind to move on with her life.

Access Personalized Testing

Medicare Coverage

  • Signatera™ is covered by Medicare for patients with stage II-IV breast cancer in the neoadjuvant setting, regardless of subtype and stage IIb and higher breast cancer in the adjuvant and recurrence monitoring settings.
  • We welcome all insurance plans. Please refer to our list of in-network plans that we participate with, or call your insurance provider.
  • We offer financial assistance programs for those who qualify.

More Information

  • Find answers to your questions about eligibility, results, ordering, and more
  • Don’t see your question? Contact us here.

Is Signatera™ right for you?

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