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Build early evidence of therapy efficacy, enroll patients most likely to benefit from treatment, and leverage data-driven trial designs to accelerate your drug development1-5.

Accelerate drug development in earlier treatment settings

Natera Oncology Real-World Data (RWD) Solutions is a comprehensive, multimodal clinicogenomics data platform that enables drug developers to:

  • Identify higher risk populations for earlier intervention

  • Assess treatment response and disease progression quantitatively

A multi-modal and longitudinal database

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Example: Mapping the patient journey

Figure 1: ctDNA kinetics in a patient with POLE-mutant colorectal cancer9

Figure 2: Example patient overview plot depicting treatment regimens, longitudinal ctDNA analysis, and imaging

Broad representation across tumor types & stages

100K+ patients

Rapid growth driven by Medicare and commercial reimbursement across:

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Immunotherapy monitoring

Diverse representation across early and late stage cancers

Comprehensive suite of product and services

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How can Signatera™ support your clinical trials?

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