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Comprehensive, actionable carrier screening

Horizon genetic carrier screening helps couples determine the risk of passing on serious genetic conditions to their child. It can be performed either preconception (ideally) or during pregnancy.

What is carrier screening?

All of us are carriers of at least one genetic condition. Carriers are typically healthy. Most have no family history of the genetic condition they carry or understanding of how that condition could impact their child. Carrier screening is a type of test that allows you to determine your risk for passing an inherited genetic condition onto your child.

When performed before conceiving, genetic carrier screening provides you with actionable knowledge and the opportunity to pursue alternative reproductive options. Carrier screening during pregnancy (prenatal carrier screening) can also have life-altering benefits: It can help couples decide on diagnostic testing, and if necessary, help them prepare emotionally, medically, and financially for a baby affected by a genetic condition.


Hear one family’s story and how carrier screening can help families

“It went from, ‘I’m going to coach her soccer or softball team’… to ‘I’m going to coach her how to roll around in a wheelchair, and maybe one day she’ll walk.’
Had we gotten carrier screening and known before Lola was born, they probably would have given her treatment within the first couple of days after birth, and she could have missed no milestones.”

Brady Camp

Father of Lola (born with SMA)

Why choose Horizon?

Using the latest technologies, including next-generation sequencing, Horizon screens for up to 274 genetic conditions, including commonly screened conditions such as cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, fragile X syndrome, and sickle cell anemia.


Advanced technology and unmatched support make Horizon unique among DNA screening tests. The test is easy to take. Results are presented clearly, directly, and can pave the way to critical action steps.


Horizon supports you by offering the following services:


cancer color icon Informative, easy-to-follow educational videos and pre-test cost estimates
help prepare you for what to expect prior to testing
functional testing icon Board-certified genetic counselors are available for complimentary pre- and
post-test genetic information sessions
technology icon Mobile phlebotomy services allow you to have your blood drawn anywhere;
saliva kits are also available for a convenient, no-needle alternative
services icon NEVA, Natera’s Educational Virtual Assistant, provides easy, 24-7 access
to results, interactive genetic education, and guidance on next steps

Is Horizon right for you?

We’re here to help you find out