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Pioneers in individualized genetic testing

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) can be found in everyone’s blood. Not only do our own cells release it, so do fetal, tumor, and donor organ cells. Using a simple blood draw, our technology precisely detects each of these types of cfDNA providing the insight to proactively inform treatment.

With a track record of constant innovation over the last 15 years, our technology has performed more cfDNA tests than any other.

Our tech_hero
Corporate Story Women's Health, Organ Health, Oncology

Our cell-free DNA technology platform

Our cutting-edge technology platform combines novel molecular biology techniques with a suite of bioinformatics software that allows detection down to a single molecule in a tube of blood. We’ve leveraged this platform to develop the most accurate non-invasive prenatal test on the market (Panorama), the first tumor-specific assay for truly individualized cancer care (Signatera), and best-in-class rejection assessment for kidney transplantation (Prospera), among other transformative cfDNA tests.

Matthew Rabinowitz

“We started with reproductive genetic screening, and now we’re applying our technology platform to cancer monitoring and assessing the health of transplant patients.”

Corporate Story Women's Health, Organ Health, Oncology

Targeted SNPs

We evaluate single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) – the 1% of DNA that makes us different from one another. Focusing on SNPs allows us to zero in on the most actionable and clinically important cfDNA. The precision and accuracy of our technology is what enables our tests to distinguish between the DNA of a mother and a baby, or an organ transplant donor and a recipient.

Our cell-free DNA technology workflow

Our refined workflow extends the boundaries of what’s possible with cfDNA testing by integrating high-yield DNA extraction with proprietary library preparation and bioinformatics. We’ve set the industry standard by creating cfDNA tests with greater than 99% sensitivity down to a single DNA molecule in a tube of blood.
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Next-generation cell-free DNA testing

Panorama: More than 2 million cell-free DNA tests performed

Panorama is the only non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that uses cell-free DNA and unique SNP-based technology, making it the #1 NIPT test in the US.

Corporate Story Women's Health, Organ Health, Oncology

Validated by >50 peer-reviewed publications and >250 technology patents

The analytic and clinical validity of our technology has been described in leading scientific journals, including Nature, Science, and JAMA. Natera is the leader in peer-reviewed published data across cfDNA applications.