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Natera is committed to oncology patients by optimizing therapy decisions from diagnosis to survivorship with actionable answers:

  • Tumor-informed, molecular residual disease (MRD) assessment and treatment response monitoring
  • Comprehensive genomic profiling to identify clinically relevant DNA & RNA biomarkers and can be run on the same sample as the MRD assay
  • Hereditary cancer testing includes commonly screened-for genes associated with 12+ types of cancer

Natera Oncology Portfolio

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Our Tests

Signatera - is cancer lurking?

  • Use Signatera ctDNA testing after surgery to evaluate the need for adjuvant chemotherapy and avoid unnecessary treatment.
  • Use Signatera to detect recurrence earlier while it may still be resectable, and reduce false positives.
  • Use Signatera during immunotherapy treatment to help evaluate treatment response.
Colorectal Cancer
Immunotherapy Monitoring
Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer
Lung Cancer
Skin Cancers
Gynecologic Cancers

Altera – are there more treatment options?

  • Use Altera tumor genomic profiling to find more treatment options for cancer based on the tumor’s somatic profile.
  • Use Altera to discover potential clinical trials for patients with somatic mutations.
  • Order Altera with Signatera to get both tests from just one tissue.
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Empower – can we target a germline mutation in treatment?

  • Use Empower to uncover germline (hereditary) mutations fast with our STAT testing option.
  • Use Empower to understand why cancer might be common in the family.
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