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Signatera is a personalized, tumor-informed assay optimized to detect circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) for molecular residual disease (MRD) assessment and recurrence monitoring for patients previously diagnosed with cancer, with broad utility for cancer management.

Our Tests

Colorectal Cancer
Use Signatera ctDNA testing after surgery to evaluate the need for adjuvant chemotherapy and avoid unnecessary treatment

Use Signatera to detect recurrence earlier while it may still be resectable, and reduce false positives
Immunotherapy Monitoring
For patients receiving immunotherapy, ctDNA technology can help assess early treatment response in conjunction with routine scans
Tumor genomic profiling
Explore treatment options with comprehensive tumor profiling, and enable molecular residual disease testing with one tissue sample
Determine the risk of developing common hereditary cancers.
Seize the opportunity to take preventive action by assessing hereditary cancer risk.
Pharma Partnership and Research Pipeline
Partner with Natera to integrate ctDNA monitoring with Signatera into your clinical trials

Learn about ongoing trials using Signatera across various solid tumors