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Natera’s Privacy Policy

Effective June 2024
1. General Statement

Natera appreciates your interest in its products and services, and your visit to this website. We take the protection of your data seriously and we want you to feel comfortable whenever you interact with Natera, whether offline or when visiting our site.

When we say “personal information” (often referred to as “PI”) we mean this to include the various terms used to define or describe this information under various domestic and international privacy laws and regulations, such as the terms “Personal Data” and “personally identifiable information” (often referred to as “PII”).

This Privacy Policy applies to Natera Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) which operates the website and its subdomains, to include our Patient Portal, Provider Portals and Payment Portals (cumulatively “Portals”), as well as websites, online services, and applications (Apps) provided on behalf of Natera, and any other publicly accessible web properties and/or Apps maintained on behalf of Natera (e.g., Investor Relations websites), (collectively, “Sites”). If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not access or use the Sites, services or any other aspect of Natera’s business.

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure (referred to hereafter as “process” or “processing”) of PI whenever you interact with Natera, to include your use of our Sites and services, and the choices you have associated with that data. We will not use or disclose your PI to anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to PI we collect through our Sites, as well as through other means, including offline, and is in addition to any state-specific and International Privacy Policies which may supplement this Policy. The use of PI that we collect shall be limited to the purposes set forth under this Policy, and our state-specific and International Privacy Policies (as applicable), as well as our Terms of Use and our Notice of Privacy Practices.

This Policy does not apply to PI that we process from employees, job applicants, and other individuals that we interact with in the employment context.

2. Information We Collect From You

When you visit our Sites, you may choose to submit PI to Natera through our webforms, e-mail, surveys and other promotions, when you request information about our tests or services, when you register to attend a webinar, when you pay a bill through one of our Sites or Portals, when you report a problem with one of our Sites or services, and/or by some other means. 

When you interact with Natera offline, such as at a conference sponsored-booth or in a provider or clinic office, you may choose to provide PI as part of that engagement.

If you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence. When you refer a friend or family member for any of our products or services, we may collect the information you provide about that person such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, and/or phone number.

In addition, we may collect information from your computer or Internet device to enable us to better customize your experience on the Sites, offer you personalized services through our Portals, and to conduct statistical analyses and data analytics. For details, see our Cookie policy provided in Section 5 below.

When you interact with Natera through any of the above means, we may obtain the following PI about you:

  • contact information (including your name, email address, address (including country), and phone number), who you are (e.g., patient/caregiver, physician, other), why you’re contacting Natera, and/or the context in which you interacted with Natera;
  • username and password for participating third-party devices, apps, features, or services;
  • your device (e.g., your browser, hardware and operating system, device settings and identifiers), your connection (e.g., date and time, IP address, page link and referring link), log-in information (if applicable), web browser characteristics and associated cookie IDs, and app usage information, such as Personalized Service ID (or PSID), and advertising IDs (e.g., Google Ad ID);
  • text messages, emails, and other communications when you communicate with us using these methods;
  • information about products and services you consider, or for which you review information, the content viewed, as well as any additional information you may choose to disclose;
  • the services you’ve had performed, or are considering having performed, treatment options and test results, as well as other medical information you choose to disclose;
  • your experience with our products and services, to include what you did and did not like, recommendations for changes, future content, and overall ratings, as well as your role, title and/or job responsibilities; and
  • Information relating to your use of the services, both offline as well as through our Sites, including clickstream data, your interactions with the services (such as the web pages you visit, search terms, and the apps, services and features you use, download, or purchase), the pages that lead or refer you to the services, how you use the services, dates and times of use of the services, and information from third party integrated services which you have enabled (e.g., connected address book).
3. How We Use Your Information

Natera may store and use information collected from you:

  • to communicate with you;
  • to provide and/or enhance any services you request (which may include by improving and customizing your experience within the services);
  • benefit verification, program enrollment, and benefit/product fulfillment in connection with our services;
  • to process your online payment made through our Sites;
  • to respond and address your submission(s), for customer service or quality control purposes;
  • for sales and marketing, to include providing you with information on health-related products and services that we think you may find of interest, and to keep you updated on our latest announcements;
  • to serve you ads and/or provide targeted ads (subject to exercise of state-specific opt-out rights);
  • for internal purposes to help us develop, deliver and improve our products, services, content, and communications;
  • to protect against identify theft and prevent fraud and other criminal activity;
  • for performing data analytics;
  • for accounting, auditing, and other internal functions;
  • to defend against claims; and
  • to comply with and enforce applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards, and our policies, including this Privacy Policy and the applicable Terms of Use

The extent to which Natera uses or discloses information depends upon the nature of the information provided and the extent to which Natera’s handling of the information is governed by this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use, our Notice of Privacy Practices, and our state-specific Privacy Policies, as applicable.

From time to time, we may use your PI to send important notices, such as communications about your account and the services we are providing to you. Because this information is important to your interaction with us, you cannot opt out of receiving those communications.

Our Cookie Policy in Section 5, below, provides additional details about our use of data and information collected through Cookies.

4. How We Disclose Your Information

We will keep your information private. We will only disclose your PI to service providers, contractors and third parties as outlined in this policy, and in our state-specific Privacy Policies, as applicable, our Notice of Privacy Practices and as otherwise required by law.

Natera does not and will not sell PI without consent.

We may disclose your PI to trusted service providers or contractors who assist us with:

  • operating and maintaining our websites;
  • benefit verification, program enrollment, and product fulfillment in connection with our services;
  • connectivity, hosting, application and/or security services;
  • administering and maintaining the security of our facilities and our information technology resources;
  • marketing, sales, customer engagement, and analytics services (to include sales analytics and website analytics);
  • processing payments made using our Sites;
  • our licensing, certification and quality management requirements;
  • conducting our business, or otherwise servicing you; and
  • providing video content on our Sites for purposes of allowing visitors to learn about our Products and services, hear how they have helped others, and to enable you to research a variety of related topics. Because these videos are hosted and streamed by Natera’s service providers, Natera must disclose your video content requests to those providers in order to deliver the requested content. Disclosing this information to these providers is pursuant to written contracts that restrict use of this information solely to the services provided on Natera’s behalf.

We may also permit third party advertisers and third-party advertising networks to collect your PI for marketing and advertising purposes, unless you have opted-out of such collection, where permitted by law.

We may disclose your PI when we believe disclosure is appropriate and necessary to comply with the law, enforce our Site’s policies, or protect ours or other’s rights, property, or safety.

We may also disclose your PI if all or part of Natera is sold, merged, dissolved, acquired, or involved in a similar transaction.

5. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies Policy (“Cookie Policy”)

A. Cookies, Tags, Web Beacons, Pixels, etc.

Cookies are small pieces of data (text files) that are sent to your computer when you visit a website, that your browser stores on your device in order to allow us to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. Those cookies are set by us and called first-party cookies. In addition to first-party cookies, we also use third-party cookies – which are cookies that come from a domain different than our Sites – as well as other tracking technologies, such as web beacons and pixels from third-party partners (e.g., Facebook, Google Analytics, or reCAPTCHA), all of which may be used for the following purposes:

  • to gain useful knowledge about how our Sites are used so that we can keep improving them for users like you;
  • to enhance your experience while on our Sites, allowing you to navigate between pages efficiently, store your preferences and generally improve your experience on our Sites;
  • to identify that you are a human being, and not a bot or other piece of automated software, in order to protect our Sites from spam and abuse;
  • for measurement and analytics services to understand how visitors use our Sites;
  • for advertising and marketing purposes, to include targeted advertisements; and
  • If you use one of our Portals, which require registration to access most content, we require the use of certain cookies, as set forth in more detail below in Section C, “Natera Portals”.

When you visit our Sites, you will have the opportunity to review this Privacy Policy including our Cookie Policy. You will be asked to choose which Cookies to allow or decline (note: visitors cannot decline “Strictly Necessary” cookies). We will record your IP address, time and date and your choice. If you limit the ability of our Sites to set Cookies, you may have a less than optimal experience and/or lose the ability to access some services, since it will no longer be personalized to you. It may also stop you from saving customized settings, like login information.

B. Global Privacy Control (GPC)/Do Not Track (DNT) Signals

Our Sites honor Global Privacy Control (GPC)/Do Not Track (DNT) Signals set by users in their browsers. However, because the use of GPC/DNT signals can vary by browser, as well as browser extension, and given the lack of consistent industry standards on the use of GPC/DNT signals, we cannot guarantee that our Sites will identify the GPC/DNT signal in every case, for all browsers and all browser extensions.  Nonetheless, we have tested and confirmed our Sites’ recognition of GPC/DNT signals from the most common/top browsers, as well as the most common GPC-signaling extensions.

In order to ensure that you are not tracked for marketing and advertising purposes, even if our Sites are not able to recognize your GPC/DNT signals, we suggest that you decline “Targeting Cookies” when given the option at our Cookie Preferences Center.

C. Natera Portals

Natera currently offers a number of Portals.  In order to maximize your experience within those Portals, they all require the use of “Performance cookies” and “Functional” cookies (in addition to “Strictly Necessary” Cookies).  As a result, none of your cookie choices made through the Cookie Preference Center (“Do Not Share Preference Center” in California) on apply when you log in to any of our Portals. Likewise, our Portals do not recognize browser-based GPC/DNT signals. However, our Portals do not use advertising cookies, nor do they sell or otherwise disclose any information for sales, marketing or advertising purposes.

6. Data Processing and Transfers

When you use or interact with any services offered through our Sites, you consent to the data processing, disclosing, transferring and uses of your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Regardless of the country where you reside, you authorize us to transfer, process, store and use your information in countries other than your own in accordance with this Privacy Policy and to provide you with services. Some of these countries may not have the same legal data protection safeguards as the country where you reside.

We may process information related to individuals from countries outside of the United States, when they visit our Sites or otherwise interact with, or use our services. Please note that by engaging with our Sites or services you understand that we are transferring your PI from your country of origin to the U.S., using various compliance mechanisms, including, where applicable, consent and/or data transfer mechanisms based on country or region-specific approved language, contractual clauses or other legal bases. By using our Sites and services, you consent to us transferring information about you as needed.

7. How We Protect Your Information

Natera takes appropriate security measures to protect your PI against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or misuse. All of our Sites use secure certificates and TLS (Transport Layer Security), so that users’ data is encrypted and protected during transmission. Likewise, access to PI maintained on our servers is protected through the use of both physical and logical security measures, to include restricting access to PI to only when there is a business need for such access. Natera’s security program meets the SOC 2 Type II and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and is certified by an independent public accounting firm. We use industry-standard controls and NIST compliant encryption technologies to maintain the security of sensitive information during transfer and storage of such information in our systems.

Please note that while Natera takes reasonable measures to protect the security of your PI, Natera cannot guarantee the complete avoidance of security incidents. To learn more about current practices and policies regarding security and how we protect confidentiality when providing the services, please contact us at

8. Compromise of Personal Information (PI)
Natera adheres to all applicable privacy laws and regulations at the federal, state and international level. Each of these laws may have different requirements for when, and if, notification is required, should we discover that the integrity or confidentiality of your PI may have been compromised (i.e., a “breach”). In the event that we do discover a breach, Natera will promptly attempt to notify you, when applicable, in accordance with the timing and manner for notification set forth in applicable laws and regulations.
9. Data Access, Correction, Deletion, and Opting Out
(a). Your right to Inspect and Receive a Copy of Your PI: You may ask to review for accuracy or to receive a copy of your PI that is included in our records. You may request this by sending your request to

(b). Updating your PI: You have the right to ask us to correct your information in our records if you believe it is inaccurate. If we determine that your information is inaccurate, we will correct it as permitted by law, after we verify your identity. If a different health care facility or professional created the information that you want to change, we will inform you of such, and direct you to ask them to amend the information. If you have created a Portal account, whether as a patient or a provider, you can review, correct, update or delete inaccuracies to the information about you by logging into your account. You may also request this by sending your request to

(c). Right to Dispose of your Samples: You have the right to request us to dispose of the biologic material collected by us, unless it is required by law to be retained. You can do so by emailing us at We will confirm having disposed of your sample when complete.

(d) Right to Opt-out of Research and Development: In accordance with applicable law, Natera is permitted to use de-identified samples collected from patients (although some states require affirmative consent for such use). Natera is also permitted to use de-identified data derived from those samples for research and development (R&D) purposes. While these requirements may vary by state, Natera permits all of its patients to choose to opt-out of the use of their samples for R&D. In order to exercise this option, you can submit a request by emailing us at

(e). Updating Consent: You may wish to withdraw an authorization you gave us before (Opt-out). Opting out should be submitted to The withdrawal of consent will apply to future use and disclosures of your PI unless required by law. It will not affect previous processing, while your authorization was still in effect.

(f). Non-U.S. resident patients inquiring about tests should direct all such queries to the clinic or provider that ordered the test. Non-U.S. resident providers, clinics and other health-related organizations should direct all queries to the Natera Data Protection Officer (DPO), who can be reached by emailing

We may retain needed information for as long as your account is active with us or as needed to provide you the services. We may retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.

10. Children’s Privacy
Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important. For that reason, Natera’s website is designed for use by adults, and is not intended to attract, nor directed to, children under the age of 16. Children under the age of 16 may not use our websites. Natera does not knowingly collect or accept PI from anyone under the age of 16, other than if they utilize one of our HIPAA-covered services. Moreover, anyone under 18 years old should seek their parent or guardian’s permission prior to using or disclosing any PI through our Sites.
11. Additional Personal Information Privacy Rights for California Residents

The California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) provide for specific rights for all California residents. We have listed these rights and how you can exercise them on our web site under the title “Notice of Data Collection for California Residents”.

In addition, Natera has a toll-free phone number available for your use: 877-NAT-PRIV (877-628-7748). You may also send your request to our physical address specified below.

12. State Data Privacy Notice (for Residents of Colorado and Oregon)
This State Data Privacy Notice applies to the collection of Personal Information from residents of Colorado, Oregon or another state that has an effective data privacy law to the extent applicable. This State Data Privacy Notice supplements the information in our Privacy Policy and our Notice of Data Collection for California Residents, to provide residents of these states with rights and information required under the applicable data privacy laws.

As explained in this Privacy Policy (and our Notice of Data Collection for California Residents), Natera does not sell patient’s Protected Health Information, nor do we sell “Personal Information” of our customers as defined under state privacy laws.

Natera may provide your personal information to third parties, including advertisers, to provide you with marketing information that may be of interest to you. The provision of your Personal Information to these third parties may constitute “targeted advertising” under these data privacy laws. Natera may also disclose your personal information to outside vendors for website analytic purposes, to better understand how our website is performing, which pages are most popular with visitors, as well as pages that visitors might find confusing, and need to be changed in order to improve user experience. If you do not want your Personal Information disclosed for “targeted advertising” and/or for “analytics” purposes – including through third party cookies and/or pixels – please open our . To opt-out of “targeted advertising” and website “analytics,” be sure that both the “Analytics” and the “Targeted advertising (including real-time sharing)” checkboxes are not checked, and then click Confirm.

In addition to the disclosures in our notice above (as well as in other sections of this Privacy Policy and in our Notice of Data Collection for California Residents), you may exercise your rights under those laws, including, as applicable, rights to know, access, correct, delete, opt out of processing of Personal Information for purposes of targeted advertising or portability by contacting us at the contact information below. You have a right to appeal our decision if we decline to process your request. You can do so by replying directly to our denial. Your rights will be determined by the particular state that you live in.
You may submit verifiable requests concerning any of your rights by contacting us by e-mail at, or by mail at the address provided below or by telephoning us at 877-NAT-PRIV (877-628-7748).

Our Address and Contact Information is:
Privacy Officer
Natera, Inc.
201 Industrial Road, Suite 410
San Carlos, CA 94070
United States of America
Tel: (650) 249-9090

13. Notification Procedures
For legally required notifications and service notifications, we reserve the right to determine the form and means of providing notifications to you. You might not be able to opt-out of some notifications. For marketing related notifications, we reserve the right to determine the form and means of communication to you, unless you have opted-out of receiving marketing messages from Natera.
14. Links to and from Other Web Sites
We are not responsible for the practices employed by websites or services linked to or from Natera’s Sites, including the information or content contained therein. Please remember that when you use a link to go from our Sites/Portals to another website or service, our Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites or services. Your browsing and interaction on any third-party website or service, including those that have links on our website, are subject to that third party’s own rules and policies. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of third-party websites or services before providing any of them with your PI.
15. Social Media Sharing
As noted in our “Cookie Policy” section, we allow our social media partners to place third-party cookies and/or pixels, subject to the cookie setting choices you make through our “privacy preference center”.

Additionally, our Sites also include buttons that allow you to share information directly through your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These buttons are designed so that when they are clicked, a new window is opened within the chosen social media platform (or email) to allow you to disclose the material to others, through your own account (or email address). Importantly, however, these sharing features are served by the platforms themselves, and thus covered by their respective privacy policies. By design, use of these buttons does not result in our collection of data about your use of those social media platforms, although the 3rd party tool that we use to connect you to those platforms may collect your IP address and other information about you/your devices, as described in more detail in their privacy policy.

16. Changes to Our Privacy Policy
All changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page. When we change the policy in a material manner, we will let you know via email and/or a prominent notice on our Site, prior to the change becoming effective and we will update the “Effective” date at the top of this page.
17. Actions You May Take

If you have questions or wish to exercise your privacy rights, believe that we may have violated these rights, or disagree with a decision that we made about access to your information, you may contact us at the following address or telephone number:

Our Address and Contact Information is:

If you are from US or other countries excluding EU countries, our Representative is:

Chief Privacy Officer
Natera, Inc.
201 Industrial Road, Suite 410
San Carlos, CA 94070
United States of America
Tel:  +1 (650) 249-9090

If you are from the EU, our Representative is:

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Natera, Inc.
201 Industrial Road, Suite 410
San Carlos, CA 94070
United States of America
Tel: +1 (650) 249-9090

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