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Prospera ICD-10 Codes

The most commonly used ICD-10 codes for the Prospera Transplant Rejection Assessment test are provided below​:

T86.10Unspecified complication of kidney transplant
Z94.0Kidney transplant status
Z48.22Encounter for aftercare following kidney transplant
Z48.21Encounter for aftercare following heart transplant (CMS/HCC)
T86.20Unspecified complication of heart transplant (CMS/HCC)
Z94.1Heart transplant status (CMS/HCC)
Z48.24Encounter for aftercare following lung transplant (CMS/HCC)
T86.818Other complications of lung transplant (CMS/HCC)
T86.819Unspecified complication of lung transplant (CMS/HCC)
Z94.2Lung transplant status (CMS/HCC)

Additional codes and resources can be found on the CMS website.