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Panorama NIPT 1 million patient real-world study shows robust performance across ages


Panorama demonstrates utility of measuring individual fetal fractions in twin pregnancies

Panorama’s Unique Technology Equals More Capabilities

Panorama is the only commercially available NIPT that specifically analyzes single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to distinguish maternal from fetal (placental) DNA. Panorama targets 13,392 SNPs covering chromosomes 21, 18, 13, X, and Y; to determine chomosomal anomalies and fetal sex*. 

The ability to differentiate between maternal and fetal (placental) DNA also enables Panorama to identify the presence of a vanishing twin and to minimize false positives due to maternal abnormalities. Panorama is uniquely able to identify triploidy and complete molar pregnancies.

*Additional sets of SNPs are targeted for identification of microdeletions


Unparalleled Accuracy



Four known mosaic cases were included: two monosomy X, one T13, and one T18. Both cases of monosomy X were called high-risk, the T18 was called low-risk, and the T13 was no-called. False-positive and false-negatives can occur on all chromosomes due to maternal, fetal, and/or placental mosaicism or as a result of other causes.


The lowest false negative and false positive rates; and, zero fetal sex errors in validation studies.



The importance of fetal fraction

Natera’s groundbreaking study of over 1,000 pregnancies with low fetal fraction showed the importance of incorporating fetal fraction into NIPT risk assessment. 

Download: Fetal Fraction.