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Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

Panorama is a blood-based genetic, prenatal screening test of the pregnant person that screens for common chromosomal conditions that affect a baby’s health. Panorama uses SNP*-based technology to deliver highly accurate results and unique insights for both singleton and twin pregnancies.

Panorama can be performed as early as nine weeks gestation. Most results will be returned to your doctor within 5-7 calendar days.

Panorama is a screening test, which means that this test does not make a final diagnosis. A high risk result means that your pregnancy has a higher chance of having a specific genetic condition. However, you cannot know for sure if your baby has that condition based upon the screening result alone. All medical decisions should be made after discussion with your healthcare provider regarding diagnostic testing during the pregnancy, like chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis, or testing the baby after birth.
*SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism

Patient FAQ

  • Prenatal Screen Overview
  • Panorama Prenatal Screen Logistics
  • Results & Reports
  • Costs & Billing
Who should have Panorama prenatal screen?

The Panorama prenatal screen is designed for women of any age and ethnicity who are at least 9 weeks pregnant. It cannot currently be used by women carrying three or more babies (triplets and above), women who have used an egg donor or surrogate carrying more than one baby (twins or triplets), or those who have received a bone marrow transplant.

When should I have Panorama prenatal screen?

Panorama can be performed as early as 9 weeks into the pregnancy.

What are the benefits of having the Panorama prenatal screen?

As early as nine weeks into your pregnancy, a simple blood draw can tell you if your baby is at higher risk for having Down syndrome and other common genetic conditions, as well as the sex of your baby. Non-invasive and highly accurate, Panorama identifies more than 99% of pregnancies affected with Down syndrome and has the lowest reported false positive rate of any prenatal screening test for the commonly screened chromosomal abnormalities: trisomy 21, trisomy 18, and trisomy 13.


For a deep dive into our Panorama prenatal screening test, review our Resource Library for guides, research, and other information.

Who can I talk to about my Panorama Prenatal Screen results?

Typically, you will receive your Panorama screen results from the healthcare provider who ordered the test. If you have specific question about your results, we encourage you to schedule a complementary genetic information session with a Natera board certified genetic counselor. Please call 844-778-4700 or go online Natera’s Patient Portal to schedule an appointment.

How do I request the Panorama Prenatal Screen?

If you are interested in obtaining the Panorama test, you can start a conversation about non-invasive prenatal testing with your doctor on your first prenatal visit. You can also start the process or call one of our Natera representatives for more information: 844-778-4700

What type of sample do I need to submit?

Panorama only requires a simple blood draw from the mom.

What should I be screened for?

Panorama is able to determine the likelihood that the pregnancy could be affected with chromosome abnormalities including Down syndrome (trisomy 21), trisomy 18, trisomy 13, monosomy X and triploidy. Your doctor may also recommend additional chromosomal conditions (microdeletions) be screened for using Panorama. Microdeletion conditions on Panorama’s extended panel include 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, 1p36 deletion, Cri-du-chat syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and Angelman syndrome. While it is not the sole purpose of the test, the sex of the baby can also be screened for using Panorama.

How will I know when my results are available?

You will receive your results from your doctor’s office. They may tell you the results over the phone or ask you to come into their office. You can also create an account on Natera’s Patient Portal. This will allow you to track your sample through the testing process.

How are the results reported?

When you get your Panorama results, your report may state the following:

  • Low Risk: A Low Risk result indicates that it is unlikely that your baby is affected by one of the conditions on the Panorama panel.
  • High Risk: A High Risk result does not mean the baby is affected; rather, it indicates a higher than average chance that the baby has a chromosome abnormality. Your healthcare provider may recommend that you speak with a genetic counselor and/or maternal fetal medicine specialist. You may be offered invasive diagnostic testing such as amniocentesis or CVS. No irreversible pregnancy decisions should ever be made based on a Panorama result alone.
  • No Result: In a small percentage of cases, Panorama may not be able to obtain sufficient information from your blood sample to determine an accurate result. If this occurs, a second blood sample may be requested.
What is the cost of the Panorama Prenatal Screen?

The cost of Panorama varies with the prenatal screening panel selected, and your specific insurance coverage. Estimate your out-of-pocket costs using our Test Cost Estimator. For more information about your financial responsibility, please call Natera at 844-778-4700. You may be eligible for a payment plan and/or assistance for financial hardship*.

*Not everyone may qualify. Void where prohibited.

Does my insurance cover the Panorama Prenatal Screen

Insurance coverage for Panorama is contingent on your health insurance plan and coverage benefits. For a link to all the insurance plans Panorama has a contract with as an in-network laboratory, please click here.

How do I pay my bill?

Please call Natera at 877-869-3052 or visit in order to settle your balance.

Does Natera offer payment plans for the Panorama Prenatal Screen?

Yes, Natera offers payments plans starting as low as $25/month*. Please call Natera at 877-869-3052 to check eligibility and payment plan options.

*Not everyone may qualify. Void where prohibited.

What is an EOB and what amount will it include?

An EOB is NOT a bill. EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits and describes how your insurance plan pays for your test and if there is any additional amount that you may be responsible for. The EOB typically precedes your bill. If you have any questions about your EOB, please call a Natera billing specialist at 877-869-3052.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money that you must pay for healthcare service before your insurance company will begin to pay for services. The amount of the deductible is contingent on the type of health insurance plan you select. For example, if your deductible is $1,000, you will be liable for $1,000 out of pocket costs prior to your insurance provider covering your health care expenses.

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If you have product related questions about the Panorama test, you can schedule a complimentary 15 minute genetic information session with one of our board-certified genetic counselors or call 844-778-4700.

If you have billing related questions, you can speak to one of the Natera representatives at 877-869-3052 between 9am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday. Except major holidays.

If you have personal healthcare related questions (i.e., family history, ultrasound finding, healthcare decision making…etc) or would like to take the Panorama test, we encourage you to speak to your healthcare provider.

If you have any other questions, you can speak to a Natera representative at call 844-778-4700 between 9am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday. Except major holidays.

Provider FAQ

  • Genetic Counseling
  • Ordering & Logistics
  • Sample Requirements & Shipping
  • Results & Reporting
How can I contact a board-certified genetic counselor if I have questions about a patient result?

Board-certified genetic counselors are available to answer questions about Panorama prenatal screen Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, excluding holidays. Please call 844-778-4700 and ask to speak with the on-call genetic counselor. You may also email with questions.

Does Natera provide assistance to patients who have high-risk Panorama results?

Yes, a 15 minute information session with a board-certified genetic counselor is available to patients to discuss prenatal screening results. Your patients may call 844-778-4700 or visit our patient portal to set up a complimentary phone appointment with a board-certified genetic counselor.

How do I begin offering Panorama in my practice?

You can contact Natera by calling 844-778-4700 or emailing You will be connected with our inside sales team who will set up an account for you.


For more information about the clinical applications of our Panorama prenatal screening test, please review our Resource Library.

How do I order more kits?

You can order more kits in several ways:

  1. Tell your local clinical field specialist
  2. Email and tell them how many kits you want and when you would like them.
  3. Log into Natera Connect, choose “order collection kits”, fill out the empty fields and click “submit”
How do I complete the requisition form?

Click here to see a sample requisition form. Please complete the patient information on the upper left side and the clinician information on the upper right side. Please select the Panorama panel and the fetal sex option from the “Screening Requested” section by checking the appropriate box. Missing information on the requisition form may cause a delay in turnaround time for results.

What are the sample requirements for Panorama?
Panorama requires two cell-free DNA Streck tubes each filled with at least 10mL of the mother’s blood. See here for the sample collection instructions.
How do I store collected samples before shipping?

Collected samples should be stored between 43-98°F (6-37°C). Do not refrigerate or freeze collected samples – they should be stored at room temperature. See here for the sample collection instructions.

Where and how should Panorama kits be stored?

Samples can be stored briefly before shipping between 43-98°F (6-37°C), but then samples should be shipped so that they arrive at the laboratory no later than 7 days after sample collection. See here for the sample collection instructions

What does a Panorama report look like?

Click here to view a Panorama sample report.

How do I log in to the portal to see patient results?

To get started with our portal, please email to and ask to be granted access to NateraConnect. You will then receive an email with login instructions. You have 72 hours to respond to the email or the temporary password will expire. If you exceed 72 hours, you can always ask for a new password from You must be a current user of Natera products to be able to login to NateraConnect.

  • To login at a later time, click here and enter your username and password.
  • Once you are logged in, you can either search by patient name by typing a name into the search bar or click on the plus sign next to the ordering physicians name to see all the patients under that physician.
    • In Natera Connect you can see if a case is open or if results have been reported.
    • You can see results by clicking on “view case details and report.”
    • Results will be under “Test Results.”
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