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Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

Panorama is a blood-based genetic, prenatal screening test of the pregnant mom that screens for common chromosomal conditions that affect a baby’s health. Panorama uses unique SNP*-based technology to deliver the most accurate non-invasive prenatal testing on the market.

Panorama can be performed as early as nine weeks gestation. Most results will be returned to your doctor within 5-7 calendar days.
*SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism

Personalized results

Panorama offers a personalized report, which indicates whether your baby has a high or low chance for certain genetic conditions. Your report could state the following:

Low Risk

A low risk result means that the chance that your baby has one of the conditions tested by Panorama is very unlikely but not zero — less than 1 in 10,000 for most conditions.1,3


High Risk

Panorama is a screening test, which means that this test does not make a final diagnosis. A high risk result means that your pregnancy has a higher chance of having a specific genetic condition. However, you cannot know for sure if your baby has that condition based on screening results alone.

If you receive a high risk Panorama result, speak with your healthcare provider (HCP) to discuss which next steps you could decide to do, such as genetic counseling, detailed ultrasound, and the option of diagnostic testing.

All medical decisions should be made after discussion with your HCP regarding diagnostic testing during the pregnancy, like chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis, or testing the baby after birth.


No Result

About 1 in 65 tests could receive a no result or other type of result.3 You should speak with your HCP about these result types and whether you should consider having a second blood draw to do the test again. There is also a small chance that Panorama will have a result relating to your genetics or your physical health.1

reporting sex of the baby_image on left

Reporting sex of the baby

Panorama can also identify the sex of your baby and has no fetal sex errors in clinical validation studies.4,5,6​.


If you are a carrier of an X-linked condition, fetal sex can help you and your HCP determine the chance of your child being affected by it..

Expecting Twins?

Panorama is the only NIPT that can tell you whether your twins are identical or not, which can have an effect on your prenatal care.7

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