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At Natera™, a test is more than just a test; it’s part of an experience built on best-in-class support services.

Easy Genetic Testing for Everyone

Up to 85% of high-risk breast and ovarian cancer patients who have not had genetic testing say it’s only because it was never offered to them.1,2 Clinicians sometimes see testing as expensive, confusing, and cumbersome to build into practice. Let’s work together to change that.

NateraCore supports providers and their patients throughout the testing journey, including a suite of resources accessible anytime, anyplace. Patients receive personalized guidance and family history collection on the go, so that you can save precious appointment time for important conversations. Our financial access programs provide clear cost estimates and affordable testing options, so more patients can access testing without financial strain.

Partners in Women’s Health

  • Natera is a market leader in women’s health genetic testing, building on expertise in cell-free DNA technology and next-generation sequencing techniques to identify patients at risk for developing genetic disease.
  • Hear from Certified Breast Cancer and Genetics Nurse Navigator Courtney LeNeave about how she has been able to build risk assessment and genetics into her high-risk breast clinic.

Streamlined workflows for elevated experiences


Digital screening tools like Natera’s Educational Virtual Assistant


Connect your patients with board-certified genetic counselors to help them understand what to expect during genetic testing or to review results.


Select curated gene panels on our test request form or through your mammography software systems, including PenRad™ or Volpara Health™.


Empower™ results offer a single look at genetic findings, Tyrer-Cuzick score, and mammogram results, for a complete view of breast cancer risk.

NEVA for Empower™

Our Clinical Experts

Natera’s board-certified genetic counselors are available to support your patients with pre- and post-test genetic information sessions.* They can also help you provide guidance to patients with medically actionable results.


1Childers CP et al. National Estimates of Genetic Testing in Women With a History of Breast or Ovarian Cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2017;35(34):3800-3806.

2Boddy J. Women With Breast Cancer Miss Out On Recommended Genetic Testing. NPR. Published February 7, 2017. Accessed September 8, 2022

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