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Comprehensive, actionable carrier screening


Horizon genetic carrier screening helps couples determine the risk of passing on serious genetic conditions to their child. It can be performed either before or during pregnancy.

Carriers are common, and family history is not a predictor

Family history - Mom and daughter

Family history: not a predictor

88% of carriers of cystic fibrosis (CF), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and fragile X syndrome have no known family history1

Combined Incidence

Carrier frequency

1 in 9 people are carriers when screened with the Horizon 14 standard panel2

Combined Incidence

Combined incidence

1 in 634 babies are affected by one of the conditions in the Horizon 14 standard panel2

ACOG quote

Carrier screening is no longer a “nice-to-have”; it’s now best practice — regardless of ethnicity and screening strategy. ACOG recommends carrier screening for all patients either preconception or during pregnancy.3

Carrier screening facilitates informed decision-making and early preparation



  • Get genetic counseling
  • Pursue alternative reproductive options


  • Undergo diagnostic testing
  • Assemble an appropriate care team and specialist facility for delivery
  • Plan financially and prepare emotionally
s3_post delivery


  • Access early interventions including FDA-approved treatment and clinical trials
Renasight Genetic test for kidney disease

Advanced technology meets support for your patients and practice

Horizon carrier screening leverages next-generation sequencing technology to give your patients comprehensive insights on their risk of passing on serious genetic conditions. Horizon combines actionable results with support resources tailored for your patients and practice.

High detection rates


Cystic fibrosis

Targeted analysis can miss up to 44% of carriers detected by Horizon.2


Spinal muscular atrophy

Traditional screening misses ~60% of patients Horizon identifies as at risk.2,4



CBC (complete blood count) and electrophoresis testing alone could miss 90% of alpha- and 6% of beta-hemoglobinopathy carriers detected by Horizon.2

Comprehensive support



Panorama Horizon Combo Kit requires only one blood draw, requisition form, and kit for two ACOG-supported tests.



The Patient Call-Out Program (PCOP) delivers results and provides interactive genetic education via NEVA (Natera’s Educational Virtual Assistant), available 24/7.


Partner Testing

Partner Auto-Enroll (PAE) streamlines your workflow for testing partners of patients with positive Horizon results.


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