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Transplant Patient Information

Life after a kidney transplant can be an anxious time for many. If you are the transplant recipient of a kidney, you know that support matters — not only from loved ones but from an expert medical team as well. Prospera is an innovative tool that can play an integral role in recovery after you’ve left the transplant center.

After receiving care from an organ transplant center or hospital, it is critical to preserve the integrity of your new kidney. Prospera uses revolutionary technology to help determine whether the organ is functioning the way it should or if your body shows signs of active rejection, which could lead to the loss of the kidney if left untreated.

If Prospera reveals symptoms of rejection, your doctor can create an informed treatment plan to address the situation and improve the chances of keeping the kidney. With early detection, you could avoid going back on a waiting list or returning to a transplant clinic.

Natera offers a variety of resources for you to better understand Prospera, what it means and what to expect.

Patients can access support services such as: 

  • Always by your side: Natera's care team will guide you through the process of using Prospera and check-in with you at every milestone.
  • Flexible for your convenience: Our team coordinates blood draws around your schedule -- at a certified laboratory near you or by a blood draw specialist you can come to you.
  • Transparent & accessible: Our proactive billing outreach and flexible payment plans, including assistance for financial hardship, help ensure no significant financial hardship in accessing Prospera.

Natera welcomes all insurances.

Prospera is covered by Medicare for assessing potential kidney transplant rejection. The goal of Natera's billing department is to make the process transparent and easy for our patients.

In the rare event you have financial responsibility for Prospera, Natera offers flexible financial assistance programs and will closely work with you to ensure there is no hardship on you or your family. In all cases, the Natera team is here to help you with any billing or reimbursement questions at 650.273.4468.

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Natera: Innovative Technology for Organ Transplant Patients

Natera is dedicated to finding the best medical course of action for those who have undergone a kidney transplant. Our proprietary bioinformatics and extensive experience in cfDNA can produce highly accurate results. Prospera uses cutting-edge testing techniques to identify the signs of organ rejection early, allowing you to seek treatment immediately. Talk to a doctor about whether Prospera is right for you.