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Natera has solutions for all the steps in your journey to parenthood, from starting to plan a family to checking your baby’s health.


Know your genetic risks as a couple

Find out about the chances of you and your partner passing a genetic condition to your child with men’s and women's health screening.

Horizon, advanced carrier screening


Check your baby’s health in pregnancy

Check your baby’s risk for major genetic conditions like Down syndrome with a simple blood test for mom.

Panorama, NIPT

With women’s genetic testing, check your baby’s risk for over 25 genetic conditions that might otherwise go undetected prenatally.

Vistara, single-gene NIPT


Seek answers after a loss

Learn about why a miscarriage occurred and rule out chromosomal abnormalities.

Anora, miscarriage test


Improve your chances of a healthy IVF pregnancy

Identify the healthiest embryos during an IVF cycle to make confident decisions before implantation.

Spectrum, preimplantation genetics


The Benefits of Testing 

Ready to start trying for a baby? While this is often a time of hope and excitement, it can also be filled with anxiety and worry. Like any parent, you want to do everything possible to ensure that your baby is healthy. Prenatal and natal testing from Natera can set the stage for a safe, happy pregnancy and help make your dreams of parenthood come true.

Natera’s technology can assist at every stage of becoming a parent. We offer men’s and women's health screening to assess your genetic profile before conception. Prenatal health exams can verify the well-being of your developing baby. Plus, our female genetic testing, along with medical care from an obstetrician, can ease anxiety and prepare you for the future. Talk to a doctor about which tests may be appropriate for you. 


Natera: Caring for You and Your Baby 

As women’s care specialists, Natera is committed to offering solutions for every step of the parenthood journey, from the time you begin planning a family to checking your baby’s health during pregnancy. Our DNA extraction techniques harvest high-quality cfDNA that produces precise results — exactly what you need to determine the best medical course of action when planning a family. Trust Natera for better accuracy and more reliable testing. We’re here to help.



Panorama Demonstrates Utility of Measuring Individual Fetal Fractions in Twin Pregnancies.

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