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Kidney gene panel

Renasight is a test to determine if there is a genetic cause for an individual’s kidney disease or if there is an increased hereditary risk due to family history. The test uses a blood or saliva sample to test 385 genes associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Results are available in approximately 3 weeks.

Centers of Excellence at a Glance

We at Natera understand that genetic testing may lead to an awareness that specialized care is warranted. The following is intended to connect patients, healthcare providers, and family members to healthcare providers with expertise in renal genetics. Please note that the information provided is intended only as a reference. Center qualifications are self-reported and have not been externally verified.

* = Renal Genetics Expertise
^ = Available during COVID

Center Name and Location Dedicated Clinic for Renal Genetics Speciality referrals Areas of Specialization or Expertise Virtual Visits
Nephrologist Genetic Counselor Geneticist Other Audiology Ophthamology Cardiology Neurology Social work Nutritional Services Endocrinology Psychological Services Renal Biopsy Diagnostic Imaging Molecular Genetic Testing Other Cystic Kidney Disease ADPKD Glomerular Disorders FSGS Nephrolithiasis Fabry Disease Alport Syndrome Electrolyte Disorders Congenital or Structural Abnormalities Other Nephrologist Genetic counselor Geneticist Other
University of Albama
Birmingham, AL
Y* Y Y* Rare disease coordinator Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y  
Los Angeles, CA
Y* Y* Y* Pediatricians, Transplant, Urologists, etc. Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y APOL1, PH Y^ Y^ Y^ Y^
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH
Y* Y* Y*   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y  
Columbia University
New York, NY
Y* Y* Y*   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y^ Y^    
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinic
Iowa City, IA
Y* Y* Y*   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y^      
Texas Children’s Hospital
Houston, TX
Y* Y Y*   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y   Y^ Y^ Y^  
University of Alabama - 500 22nd Street South, Birmingham, AL 35294

Our Renal Genetics clinic is led by Dr. Eric Wallace. Dr. Eric Wallace is an international expert in Fabry Disease, Telehealth, and Home Dialysis. The experience that Dr. Wallace has in caring for a large amount of Fabry disease led him to use this expertise to care for patients with all forms of rare genetic kidney disease. In addition to conducting multiple clinical trials in rare genetic kidney disease, this clinic focuses on all aspects of rare genetic kidney disease including extra renal manifestations.

UCLA, 200 Medical Plaza Driveway, Suite 365, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Under the Directorship of Anjay Rastogi, MD PhD, we have established a Genetics and Kidney Disease Program under the auspices of the CORE Kidney Program. This covers all aspects of pre-diagnostic to transplant. This is comprehensive care where we work with all of the sub-specialties involved to provide integrated care.

Columbia University - 701 W 168th Street, New York, NY 10032
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics - 200 Hawkins Drive, Iowa City, IA 52242

The Renal Genetics Clinic is dedicated to adults who have been diagnosed with rare and inherited kidney diseases and for patients who have kidney diseases that have not been identified. We provide diagnosis and treatment for over 50 different genetic kidney diseases. We also offer a clinical evaluation and genetic counseling and testing for patients who may carry a kidney disease gene.

Texas Children's Hospital - 6701 Fannin St, Houston, TX, 77007

Genetics and Genomics have been increasingly incorporated into the practice of daily medicine. This has created a unique opportunity to apply precision medicine in different specialties and subspecialties. Genetics mechanisms contribute to a large percentage of renal diseases especially in childhood. With this in mind, Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine initiated the Renal Genetics Clinic in February 2015, led by Dr. Mir Reza Bekheirnia.

Dr. Bekheirnia, ABMGG board certified clinical and clinical molecular geneticist, has a specific clinical interest in diagnosis and management of the diseases and anomalies of the kidney and genitourinary tract. The scope of Renal Genetics Clinic includes: cystic kidney disease, hematuria (e.g. Alport syndrome), hereditary forms of kidney stone, syndromic and familial forms of kidney and genitourinary tract malformations, nephrotic syndrome, Fabry disease and a number of other hereditary kidney diseases.

The Renal Genetics Clinic aims to provide the most accurate molecular diagnoses for the patients and their family members. Although there is not yet a cure for most of the genetic disorders, there are therapeutic measures that can be done if the right diagnosis is known. As an example, it is important to know the underlying cause of cystic kidney disease. There are more than 80 genes known to be related to cystic kidney. Several other examples of the impact of clinical genetics evaluation on management of the renal patients exist, including genetically tailored treatments for steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome, Alport syndrome, and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome are among such examples. In addition, involvement of other organs can be caught early and a more accurate outcome prediction and counseling can also be provided.

Clinical genetics evaluations that benefit the families include genetic testing, interpretation of the results including variants of uncertain clinical significance, patient-focused genetic counseling and therapeutic/management planning. The close relationship with the Baylor College of Medicine Diagnostic Genetics Laboratory plays a key role in the success of the Renal Genetics Clinic.

For questions or referrals to this clinic, please contact Nasim Bekheirnia (clinic manager) at

If you are interested in submitting your clinic’s information to be included on the Renal Genetics Center of Excellence webpage, please use this form.

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