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Introducing Renasight

A new tool to manage chronic kidney disease.

Renasight is a genetic test for individuals who have been diagnosed with or who have a family history of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

37 million American adults have CKD and 1 in 3 American adults are at risk for kidney disease.1,2

Early detection can help provide management strategies and in some cases slow the progression of CKD.


Built on Evidence3

A recent New England Journal of Medicine publication assessing the incidence of genetic disease in a CKD population found 
~1 in 10 patients have a genetic diagnosis.

In 89% of patients of CKD, a genetic diagnosis had implications for clinical management.

"This yield is similar to that observed for cancer, for which genomic diagnostics are routinely used."




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Renasight provides valuable information for disease management.

Benefits of genetic testing

into progression of CKD

family members for risk of disease

the underlying cause for CKD of unknown origin

therapies for personalized treatment

Why choose Renasight?

Advanced technology. Seamless integration into your clinical practice.

  • Comprehensive: Leverages next generation sequencing and other methodologies on over 380 genes. Test covers both common inherited disorders and less frequent disorders associated with CKD.
  • Clinically actionable: Reports out on pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants that were hand selected by genetics experts to provide actionable information.
  • Accessible: All insurance plans accepted and affordable testing options available through a variety of payment methods.
  • Support: Complimentary information sessions with board-certified genetic counselors.
  • Convenience: Remote services during COVID-19. Collection kits can be shipped directly to the patient.

Changing care with Renasight

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