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Renasight Family Testing

The Power of Knowing

Renasight can identify if there is a genetic cause to your kidney disease that could increase your family’s risk of developing the same genetic condition. Knowing this information and sharing it with your family members is important as it can allow your health care providers to create a plan for better management. Early diagnosis and treatment can slow disease progression and may help prevent additional health problems.

Renasight Family Testing

Take Control of Your Kidney Health

“Knowing my family history of kidney disease, I wanted and needed to learn more…Knowing this information will help me navigate the future of my kidney health.”

Rachelle McCray

Patient Advocate, Founder of MinMinBear

Importance of Family Testing

25% of patient with CKD have a family history.1

If you have a family history of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) you and other family members may be at an increased risk of developing kidney disease.

A family member received a positive Renasight result

If you have a family member who has received a positive Renasight result you may have up to a 50% chance of having the same genetic mutation increasing your risk of developing CKD.

Related kidney donor

Guidelines recommend genetic testing in related donor candidates where there is a family history of kidney failure.2

How to get started


Your provider orders the Renasight test.


Provide a blood or saliva sample.


Review your results with your provider in about 3 weeks.


1Groopman et al. N Engl J Med (2019) 380;2


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