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Introducing the GI Expanded Access Program for remote Signatera MRD testing


New Publication in Nature Cancer Demonstrates Signatera’s Ability to Evaluate Tumor Response to Immunotherapy


Signatera is the only patient-specific, custom-built circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) monitoring assay to support cancer treatment planning in early- and
late-stage cancers.


Signatera for colorectal cancer (CRC)

The personalized, molecular residual disease (MRD) assessment and surveillance monitoring tool to guide optimal treatment decision-making.

Our CRC Test

People with cancer typically move through several phases of care. After detection or diagnosis, the focus is on successfully eradicating the disease. Then, a patient enters the monitoring stage, where doctors determine the person’s risk of developing MRD. If MRD is present, additional treatment may be necessary.

Post-treatment, the patient moves into the surveillance phase. However, the danger of relapse may be ever-present. Oncology monitoring refers to testing for the recurrence of cancer, either immediately following treatment or later.

Signatera represents the latest technology in oncology screening by testing for ctDNA, which could indicate the presence of MRD. It can be used with carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) for cancer recurrence monitoring.

One of the advantages of Signatera is that it can detect signs of MRD earlier than other tests, which allows patients and doctors to choose the best medical course of action. The test is personalized for each patient and produces highly accurate results.

In oncology diagnostics, Signatera is considered highly innovative — it has been granted a “Breakthrough Device” designation by the FDA


Research pipeline

Review our clinical pipeline with leading institutions and biopharmaceutical partners, learn more about our registry studies, or contact us for research services.

Natera: Providing Cutting-Edge Technology for Cancer Detection

Natera’s extensive experience in ctDNA and cfDNA analysis provides highly accurate results. Our oncology testing supplies valuable information to help you and your doctor determine the best course of action after cancer treatment. Talk to a doctor about how Signatera may fit into your treatment plan or contact us to learn more.


Signatera awarded positive Medicare coverage for serial use in Stage II & III CRC

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