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The California Prenatal Screening Program + Natera

Changes are coming September 19.

Watch our webinar “California Prenatal Screening update: What you
need to know”
to find out what you need to be ready and how
Natera is here to help!

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  • Angelica Doumak, MS, LCGC
    Medical Science Liaison, Women’s Health, Natera
  • Alicia Orta, MPH, MS, LCGC
    Medical Science Liaison, Women's Health, Natera
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Natera is making these changes easy

Starting September 19, 2022, the California prenatal screening program (CA PNS) is transitioning to cell-free DNA (cfDNA) as the primary screening technology for trisomies 21, 18, and 13, as well as fetal sex (optional).

Find out more about:

Why partner with Natera?

As a global leader in cfDNA testing, Natera is proud to be an approved noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) laboratory for CA PNS. Natera is making ordering prenatal genetic screening for your patients easy with the following options:

All of this testing can be done from one kit, one blood draw.

Key dates for 2022

Date Event
Available Now Providers gain access to CalGenetic Portal
July 26 California PNS webinar: PNS Program Changes: What to Expect
August 24 California PNS webinar: PNS Program Changes: Educational/Training Materials
August 28 Last day to order first trimester biochemical Test Request Forms
September 18 Last day to perform first trimester biochemical test
September 19 Redesigned PNS Program launch

  • Select Natera SNP-based NIPT (Vasistera) to receive NateraCore Services support
  • Complete the optional supplementary form to receive expanded condition screening on the same sample
October 28 Last day to order second trimester biochemical Test Request Forms
November 28 Last day to perform second trimester biochemical blood draw for integrated screening results
November 28 Last day for nuchal translucency information to be accepted
December 26 Last day for first trimester biochemical patients to receive prenatal diagnostic care follow-up services

Offer Prenatal Screening Supported with Comprehensive Services

When you choose Natera for your CA PNS laboratory, you gain resources including:

  • Optional supplemental NIPT and carrier screening from the same blood draw*
  • Complimentary information sessions for supplemental NIPT and carrier screening with Natera’s board-certified genetic counselors for both clinicians and patients
  • Flexible phlebotomy services options
  • Comprehensive educational materials for patients

Where can I learn more?

To read about the upcoming CA PNS from the California Department of Public Health, click here.
To learn more about Natera’s SNP-based cfDNA testing technology and the tests we offer, fill out this form

*Supplemental testing and carrier screening are eligible for insurance claim. CA PNS does not cover confirmatory diagnostic testing for conditions included in supplemental testing or carrier screening.

**Not available for egg-donor or gestational carrier pregnancies or in cases of dizygotic (nonidentical) twins.

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