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Prospera Transplant Assessment: Now Quantify Background cfDNA

Applying our expertise in over two million cfDNA tests has allowed us to refine risk of rejection in your transplant patients. Learn how the quantification of background cfDNA can provide more insights to you and your patients

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Prospera: Quantifying background cfDNA to enhance performance

Prospera has now been enhanced with an exclusive technique, making it the first test of its kind to quantify absolute background cfDNA.

This enhancement benefits physicians by identifying patients with atypical background cfDNA levels -- thereby flagging them as at-risk for false-negative reporting and potentially missed rejections.

Dr. Gauthier introduces Prospera’s latest enhancement

Dr. Phil Gauthier, Natera Medical Director for Organ Transplantation, explains quantification of background cfDNA and its clinical impact on patient care

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Prospera Transplant Assessment

Prospera is powered by highly optimized, proprietary cell-free DNA (cfDNA) technology. As part of your tool kit, Prospera assesses all types of kidney transplant rejection with great precision.

Prospera Physician Brochure

Learn about how the Prospera compares against first-generation cfDNA tests when assessing for active rejection.

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Prospera Patient Brochure

View our patient-facing brochure that highlights the importance of monitoring for rejection to preserve the function of a newly transplanted kidney with Prospera.

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Prospera’s Indications for Use

See our proposed protocol for your transplant center. Prospera is recommended as a surveillance tool for rejection in renal transplant patients for all types of rejection.

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Prospera’s Guide to Results

Refer to this supplement to the Prospera report as a guide to your patient’s results.

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Highlights from our Clinical Validation Study

See the key takeaways from Sigdel et al, a clinical validation study for dd-cfDNA

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Prospera’s Clinical Validation Study

View the full clinical validation study: Sigdel et al Optimizing Detection of Kidney Transplant Injury by Assessment of Donor-Derived Cell-Free DNA via Massively Multiplex PCR

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Prospera’s Analytical Validation Study

Click this link to view our clinical validation study on Prospera’s performance (Altug et al)

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Prospera’s Clinical Utility Study

Click this link to view our l clinical utility study and learn how Prospera helped change physician decision making (Peabody et al)

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In the Prospera early access program, Natera has received tests from 45% of the top 50 and 37% of the top 100 transplant centers by volume
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