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Wednesday, Mar. 17
10am PT/1pm ET
3pm PT/6pm PT

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Molecular-level Insights in Kidney Transplant Care: Prospera Deep Dive

This session explores the new applications of cell-free and genomic DNA in renal transplant care management, including new data on over 1,300+ patients and in anti-rejection therapy surveillance . Transplant physicians will share their experiences incorporating Prospera into their routine care protocols.


  1. Hear how your transplant colleagues are incorporating Prospera into their routine care protocols
  2. Preview early data on the use of donor-derived cell-free DNA in over 1,300+ kidney recipients
  3. Learn why background cfDNA impacts your protocol for assessing immunosuppression therapy

This is not an o­fficial function of the CEoT Meeting and is not endorsed by AST.

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