About Natera

Delivering on a promise

I founded Natera determined to fulfill a promise to
provide parents with the most accurate information
possible – as early as possible – about their child’s health.
Matthew Rabinowitz, Natera CEO and Founder

About Natera

Natera® is a worldwide genetic testing and diagnostics company that’s changing how doctors and patients manage genetic disease. Our team includes scientists, biostatisticians, researchers, and talented laboratory professionals from around the globe.

Natera develops and commercializes non-invasive methods for analyzing DNA. We operate a CAP-accredited laboratory certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) in San Carlos, California, and offer a host of proprietary genetic testing services.

Since 2009, Natera has launched ten molecular screening tests, many of which are available through major health plans accounting for more than 140 million covered lives in the United States. The company’s own robust laboratory processes thousands of genetic tests per month.

We're driven by a passion for elevating the science and utility of genetic testing.

Our values serve as a guide for our words and actions

A Person Behind Every Sample

  • Behind every sample is an anxious family; we treat it with all the respect you would wish for

Accountability and Ownership

  • We all own the challenges and successes; we think how our task connects to the bigger picture
  • We’re always be looking for improvements; point out problems and bring solutions

Be a Team

  • We think first about what we can do to help
  • We respect teammates by keeping comments constructive & accepting constructive criticism

Lean and Nimble

  • We use what we need, leave what we don’t; waste kills companies and teams.
  • We are nimble but plan ahead; we don’t fear change, but don’t wait for it either

Show Me the Data

  • If you can’t measure it, we can’t understand it and fix it

Be Ready to Change the World

  • At least the world of medicine

A personal story from our CEO

"I first became involved in this field after my sister had a child with Down syndrome. We didn’t know about the child’s condition before the birth, and due to medical complications related to the syndrome, the child passed away a few days later. If we had only known beforehand and had a specialist available, I believe the child’s life could have been saved.

This was a tragic experience for the entire family, and I simply could not believe that in this day-and-age – with all the technology we have at our disposal – we didn’t know about the child’s health earlier.

I founded Natera determined to fulfill a promise to provide parents with the most accurate information possible – as early as possible – about their child’s health, so they can have the chance to provide him or her with the best care possible."

Matthew Rabinowitz, Natera CEO and Founder

Why Genetic Testing?

Impacting millions of lives

Every individual has a unique genome, and we believe that comprehensive knowledge of this genetic makeup is becoming integral to the practice of medicine. The ability to identify the presence of diseases early, accurately, and non-invasively has the potential to impact the lives of millions of patients and save billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

The rapid expansion of next-generation DNA sequencing has unlocked a wealth of information about the role of genomics in disease, and is enabling a new class of tests that improve patient care, particularly in prenatal care and oncology. As the scientific and medical community’s understanding of genetic disease accelerates, Natera believes technologies that enable precise and efficient measurement of mutated fragments of DNA are well positioned to translate this information into health information that improves patient care.

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