Proreach | Natera

Introducing The ProReach Program: Remote care for Prospera patients including routine labs.

Experience the continuity, connection and convenience of staying close with your transplant patients, particularly those concerned about in-office visits due to immunosuppression and COVID-19.

ProReach Labs Include:

BK Virus
Cyclosporin Levels
Hemoglobin A1c
Tacrolimus Levels
Lipid Panel Magnesium
Uric Acid
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Epstein-Barr Virus
COVID Antibody
Everolimus Levels
Sirolimus Levels

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How It Works


Setup is easy


Customize how you follow your transplant patients with two simple options:

  1. Place Prospera orders in the Provider Portal, and indicate mobile draw for select patients, or for all of your patients.

  2. Inform your Natera Nurse Coordinator of the patients for which you would like to add routine lab work, and Natera will coordinate it our national laboratory partner.

Let Natera handle the rest



Collect completed requisition forms from center and mails kits to patient’s home.


Schedule a mobile phlebotomy visit with Natera based on the patients preferred availability.


Coordinate shipping of labs to Natera and our partner lab.


Natera provides timely Prospera results through your standard delivery channels. Routine lab results provided by partner laboratory.