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Esophageal Cancer: A Closer Look at Its Risk Factors, Types, and Treatment Options

Did you know that April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month? About 18,000 Americans will be diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2020 alone. The risk of developing it is higher in men than women. Approximately one in 132 men and about one in 455 women will develop it in their lifetime


How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Oncology Community

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world in unimaginable ways. While nearly everyone is at risk for developing the disease, certain groups of people, including those with cancer, are particularly susceptible to it. In addition, COVID-19’s shock on the health care community may impact treatment options for current patients and make it more challenging to continue treatment that is underway.

Interview with Erika Hanson Brown, founder of the patient leader community COLONTOWN

If you're in the field of colorectal cancer (CRC), there’s no doubt you have heard of Erika Hanson Brown. Brown is known as a woman of many talents due to her passion for helping others and her ambition to unite her community. Brown is the “Founding Mayor” of COLONTOWN, an online community dedicated to improving the lives of people with colorectal cancer. She is also CEO and cofounder of PALTOWN, the non-profit organization that oversees COLONTOWN. A 17-year survivor of stage III colon cancer, Brown serves on the National Cancer Institute's Colon Cancer Task Force and is a CRC Dream Team member at Stand Up to Cancer.
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