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Educational presentations


Educational presentations


Educational presentations


Educational presentations



1 Million Patient Outcomes Study

Real-world experience with Panorama Non-Invasion prenatal testing (NIPT)

25 minutes

Expanding the scope of NIPT - Why we screen for 22q

Donna McDonald-McGinn, MS, LCGC and Kimberly Martin, MD, FACOG, FACMG

62 minutes

Cost Effectiveness of NIPT in Average Risk Patient Populations

Peter Benn, PhD

35 minutes

Aneuploidy to Zygosity: Clinical advantages of SNP-based screening for twins

Errol R. Norwitz, MD, PhD, MBA

32 minutes

The Explosive Growth of NIPT Why You Should Care About Fetal Fraction

Brynn Levy, M.Sc. (Med)., Ph.D, FACMG

48 minutes

Learn about the Panorama® Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Test (NIPT)

66 minutes

Panorama® NIPT and Sex Chromosome Screening

51 minutes

MFM Clinical Conundrum - Implications for 22q NIPT Screening for the MFM-Fetal Medicine Specialist

66 minutes

Avantages du DPNI nouvelle génération

24 minutes

Screening for Microdeletions through NIPT - Dr. Ronald J. Wapner

Ronald J. Wapner, MD

46 minutes


Introducing Vistara: A Single Gene NIPT

Herman L Hedriana, MD

22 minutes

Introducing Vistara: Non-Invasive Screening for Single-Gene Disorders w/ Q&A

Herman L Hedriana, MD

62 minutes


See What's on the Horizon for Carrier Screening

Jennifer Saucier, MS, CGC

27 minutes

DMD: The Leading Cause of Muscular Dystrophy

Barry Byrne, MD, PhD

30 minutes

Do your patients know their Jewish ancestry?

Lisa Edelmann, PhD and
Ruth Kornreich, PhD

27 minutes

Silent but Dangerous - The Value of Enhanced Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Carrier Screening

Ruth Kornreich, PhD and Lisa Edelmann, PhD

31 minutes


Nucleotide Polymorphism–Microarray Ploidy Analysis of Paraffin-Embedded Products of Conception in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Evaluations

Bat-Sheva L. Maslow, MD

35 minutes

The Value of SNPs in Understanding Causes of Miscarriage

Brynn Levy, MSc. (Med)., Ph.D

59 minutes


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