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Global, prospective multicenter study evaluating MMDx and Prospera is now enrolling


New ProActive Registry: largest clinical utility study evaluating Prospera in >3K kidney transplant patients

Setting a new standard through research

Best-in-class transplant care depends on best-in-class assessment. Prospera is the most advanced cfDNA solution for assessing transplant rejection—reinforced by ongoing research efforts:

Sigdel et al Clinical Validation, Published in 2019

  • Conducted with the University of California, San Francisco
  • Largest biopsy-matched study conducted in renal transplantation assessing the use of cell-free DNA
  • The first to publish performance of cell-free DNA testing in subclinical, surveillance setting

Learn more: Sigdel et al Clinical Validation

ProActive Registry Study Now Enrolling

  • Largest clinical utility study evaluating cell-free DNA; includes more than 3,000 kidney transplants studied for three years
  • Long-term assessment of high-risk recipients for up to 5 years post-transplantation
  • Personalized transplant management protocols using cell-free DNA data

Visit the ProActive study

Research with Molecular Microscope Diagnostic System (MMDx) Now Enrolling

  • Global, prospective multicenter study under the leadership of Dr. Philip Halloran
  • 300 patients to be comprehensively evaluated with clinical information, cell-free DNA measures, biopsies, molecular microscope, evaluations, and donor-specific antibodies (DSA)
  • Integrated data analysis to better inform non-invasive and interventional management in kidney transplantation