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Join our Industry Learning Lunch at the ISPD 26th International Conference

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Industry Learning Lunch

June 22, 2022
12:15 PM EDT (UTC -4)

Learn more about

  • Importance of early and accurate screening for 22q11.2 deletions.
  • Clinical experience with NIPT for single gene disorders.
  • Counseling patients on expanded NIPT screening.

Hear from our speakers

  • Peter Benn, PhD, DSc.
    Professor Emeritus, Genetics and Genome Sciences University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Elysia Davis, MGC, CGC
    Medical Science Liaison,
    Women's Health

No dinner plans? Join us

An open discussion on the role of extended NIPT: Are guidelines keeping up?

Monday, June 20th
7PM EDT (UTC -4)

Vieux-Port Steakhouse
The Maisoneuve Room
39 Rue Saint-Paul Est
Montréal, QC H2Y 1G2

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Moderated by

  • Katie Wiens, MS, CGC
    Medical Science Liaison,
    Women's Health
  • Elysia Davis, MGC, CGC
    Medical Science Liaison,
    Women's Health

These independent programs, its presenters, or any products or services discussed are not endorsed or supported by ISPD

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SNP-Based NIPT Posters

  • P-77: A typical Findings Cases and Considerations for Clinical Management Utilizing Single Nucleotide Polymorphism..

    Erin Armenti
    Wenbo Xu, Samantha Leonard
    Meredith Pastrick*
  • SNP-Based Non-invasive Prenatal Testing: The Reasons for the Presence of an Extra Haplotype in Cell-Free DNA..

    Valerie Kantor
    Russ Jelsema, Wenbo Xu
    Peter Benn*
  • Prenatal Screening for 22q11.2DS: Does It Change Patient Care?

    Kimberly Martin*; Mary Norton, Cora MacPherson; Bo Jacobsson; Sina Haeri; Melissa Egbert; Fergal D. Malone; Ronald J. Wapner; Ashley Roman; Asma Khalil; Revital Faro; Rajeevi Madankumar; Lance Edwards; Noel Strong; Robert M. Silver; Nidhi Vohra; Jon Hyett; Paul Billings, Charlly Kao, Pe’er Dar

*Indicates presenting author

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