How Cord Blood Banking Works

Powerful, Healing Cells

Expanding your family’s future is a big step. At Evercord, your newborn’s cord blood is handled with individual attention and care. We make it our goal to give you peace of mind for tomorrow, today.

Banking with Evercord in Three Easy Steps


Pack the collection kit we ship to you in our hospital bag.


Let your healthcare provider know you plan to preserve your newborn’s stem cells.


After your baby's stem cells are collected, call the phone number on your kit for pick up. 1.800.473.4673

We’ll take care of the rest. Your baby’s newborn stem cells will be processed, quality tested, and stored in a state-of-the-art facility for as long as you’d like.

How Does Cord Blood Banking Work?

The Evercord journey begins the moment you decide to bank your baby’s cord blood and tissue.

We send you a collection kit

Your doctor or nurse collects your sample

We arrange a medical courier to collect and transport your sample to the lab

Your newborn’s sample is processed and stored in an FDA-licensed facility

Your newborn's sample is tested and results are added to your record

You will receive a certificate of preservation

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