Together is Better

Evercord is powered by a partnership between Natera, a leader in prenatal and non-invasive genetic testing, and Bloodworks, one of the oldest and most reputable public donations bank in the country.

We Offer Your Patients a Private Banking Service With:


One of only seven FDA-licensed facilities


Nearly 1,000 units released for transplant 3


Founded in 1944, with 20 years of lab experience processing cord blood


Near an international airport for quicker transport to the lab


Bloodworks provides individual care for each cord blood unit in a sterile, closed processing system

Helping the greater good

1,500 volunteer collectors at 15 hospitals that contribute nearly 50 units to the national registry per month


Scientists at Bloodworks are advancing stem cell therapies and applications in patient care

Safe and secure

Samples are stored in vapor-phase freezers (dewars) that are monitored using a triple-alarm system

Watch and Learn How to Collect Newborn Stem Cells

Preserving this precious resource for your patients is quick and easy. Watch the video to learn what you need to do to ensure a high quality newborn stem cell collection.