Your Role in Education and Collection

Newborn stem cell research is expanding and safeguarding this resource at birth could give your patients more medical options in the future. Your role is key to moving stem cell science forward.

Educate Your Patient Throughout Their Pregnancy

Your role is key in enabling future, potentially lifesaving, and health-improving medical treatments.

8 Week Initial

Add newborn stem cell banking brochures to prenatal bag at first visit

28 Week
Glucose Test

Add to OB-GYN checklist and have the "cord blood banking conversation"

32 Week Pre-Delivery

Ask patient for her decision about newborn stem cell banking


Collect newborn cord blood and cord tissue

Understanding the importance of your role in education and collection

OB-GYN provides patient education on banking options

OB-GYN collects cord blood at delivery for patients who enroll

Collected cord blood is stored until needed by Evercord

The newborn’s sample is processed and stored in FDA-licensed facility

Pediatrician diagnoses child with a blood or genetic disorder

Watch and Learn How to Collect Newborn Stem Cells

Preserving this precious resource for your patients is quick and easy. Watch the video to learn what you need to do to ensure a high quality newborn stem cell collection.