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The Five Best Springtime Foods for Your Developing Baby

Springtime is one of the best seasons of the year to be pregnant. The sun has finally returned from its long winter nap and the days are - thankfully - warm again.Read More.


Pregnant Women Want To Know: Is My Baby Affected By The Changing Seasons?

Springtime is a beautiful season, but it can also be a difficult time of year for pregnant women. Changing weather patterns and fluctuating temperatures are a perfect environment for a host of viruses and bacteria.Read More.


5 Ways To Empower Yourself During Labor

The moment your baby is pushed or pulled into the world is often a deeply moving, life-changing experience. The labor and delivery experience itself can be filled with a complex mix of emotions -- joy and relief, worry and pain. Read More.



How Self Care Empowers Us To Be Better Mothers

As an expectant mother, you are preparing yourself for one of the highest duties you’ll ever know: the complete responsibility for another person’s well-being. It starts when this tiny life is conceived in your body, and simply put, it’s a responsibility that lasts a lifetime. Read More.


Enjoy the Confidence Being a First Time Mom

There are few life experiences more transformative than becoming a mother. Some women find that the transformation begins when they develop a surge of confidence during pregnancy.Read More.

Baby Nursery filled with Green Plants

3 Tips to Bond with Your Baby

For some women, falling in love with the little baby growing inside you is a given. For others, it takes a little more time or intentionality. Read More.


Newborn baby lying on her back among neatly laid out clothes from the baby gift registry.

3 Unforgettable Baby Registry Gifts

Just how many onesies, receiving blankets, and plush toys does a newborn really need? OK, it’s a lot, actually. But everyone else will be giving baby clothes and paraphernalia, so why not give something unique and unexpected to mom and dad? Read More.

Make the family the heart of your New Year’s resolutions

As the year 2017 comes to a close, many of us find ourselves reflecting on the goals we accomplished and our hopes for the future. This year was no doubt a big one for you, since it marked the occasion when you found out a new little one would soon be joining the family. Read More.

Cord blood banking is the new savings bond

Savings bonds used to be a classic gift given to celebrate the birth of a new baby. If you were born in the ‘80s, there’s a good chance you received savings bonds from one or both sets of grandparents, way back when savings bonds were issued in paper! Read More.


Expanding the family can inspire new Christmas traditions

With a new addition on the way, are you thinking about adding new traditions to your family holidays? Or perhaps your growing family has you waxing nostalgic for the traditions you celebrated when you were a child. Read More.

Your Baby Can Be A Hero

With each passing week of your pregnancy, not only are you discovering new things about your body, but you’re learning about an entirely new world of possibilities for your baby. Read More.

A lifelong connection that starts in the womb

The saying “a mother holds her children in her heart” could literally be true. As it turns out, there’s a lifelong connection that forms between baby and mother after conception — and it starts at the cellular level. Read more.


Forget the Ice Cream—Pass the Tofu

Where do those uncontrollable urges for sweet, salty or spicy foods come from? Or the crazy combinations, like olives and cheesecake? There are lots of theories, like the old wives’ tale that desire for chocolate means you’re having a girl. Read More.

Let it flow

For parents who decide to wait on cutting the umbilical cord immediately after their baby’s birth, there’s a worry that there won’t be enough blood to store for banking. Read More.

Could pregnancy brain be helpful?

While a pregnant woman’s changing body is noticeable to the outside world, changes in the brain are much harder to measure. However, a new study suggests that neurological changes are just as profound. Read More.


Does personality start in the womb?

If you’ve ever needed more reasons to relax, take it easy and have fun during pregnancy, here’s a good one: there’s a chance your baby’s personality may be shaped by your activities and emotions. Read More.