Cord blood banking is the new savings bond

Savings bonds used to be a classic gift given to celebrate the birth of a new baby. If you were born in the ‘80s, there’s a good chance you received savings bonds from one or both sets of grandparents, way back when savings bonds were issued in paper! Maybe the bonds helped you make the down payment on a car when you moved away from home, or they helped pay for your college tuition.

These days, savings bonds have lost some of their luster, especially since the government stopped issuing savings bonds in paper form. Changes to the interest rate formula haven’t done much to boost their popularity, either. Though children of the ‘80s may wax nostalgic for the days of savings bonds safely stashed away in safety deposit boxes, there are arguably better options for protecting the future of your new arrival. If the grandparents are looking for a gift for junior, why not point them in the direction of cord blood banking? We can’t think of a gift that gives a better start in life.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of cord blood and stem cell banking, here’s a quick primer. Pay attention, you may need to explain this to your dad later! Cord blood is the blood that is left in the umbilical cord after your baby is born. This blood contains valuable stem cells.1 When you decide to bank your baby’s cord blood, these stem cells are collected at your delivery and cryopreserved in a secure facility in the event your family needs them in the future. Stem cells contain powerful healing capabilities and act like a “bio-repair kit,” helping to heal after damage and injury.3 A baby’s cord blood is an incredibly valuable resource.

If you’ve already got a car seat and a crib, and your closet is bursting with onesies, why not add cord blood banking to the registry? Most grandparents would love to give a gift that has the potential to safeguard the health of your little one.

Want to add cord blood banking to your registry? The holidays are a great time to tell family that you’re interested in the gift of cord blood banking. Download this info kit and bring it with you to dinner!