3 unforgettable baby registry gifts

Just how many onesies, receiving blankets, and plush toys does a newborn really need? OK, it’s a lot, actually. But everyone else will be giving baby clothes and paraphernalia, so why not give something unique and unexpected to mom and dad? Here are some suggestions for gifts that they’ll remember long after junior has lost the Star Wars teething set, whether they’re first-timers or old hands at this parenting thing.

Newborn baby lying on her back among neatly laid out clothes from the baby gift registry.

  1. Cleaning services

    Vacuuming, doing laundry, and washing dishes are never at the top of anyone’s list, especially when there’s a new baby in the house. You can help by pitching in. Arrange a schedule with friends, stop by once a week to do it yourself, or pick a professional from one of the many available cleaning services to do the heavy lifting for a few months.

  2. Evercord gift certificate

    Why not give a gift that has the potential to safeguard the health of that little one? A baby’s cord blood is an incredibly valuable resource. Cord blood is the blood that is left in the umbilical cord after a baby is born. This blood contains valuable stem cells.1 If parents decide to bank their baby’s cord blood, these stem cells are collected at your delivery and cryopreserved in a secure facility in the event the family needs them in the future. Stem cells contain powerful healing capabilities and act like a “bio-repair kit,” helping to heal after damage and injury.3
    Learn more about gifting Evercord

  3. Babysit

    Sooner or later, mom and dad are going to want a minute to themselves in the “real” world. Give them a certificate for your expert babysitting services so they can spend an afternoon or evening together. One size fits all, and once all in-laws have left, they’ll appreciate having someone they have more confidence in than the teenager down the block. If there are older brothers or sisters, offer to keep them occupied with an art project or fun outing. A basket of self-motivated activities, like coloring books or puzzles, can also be great for keeping older sibs busy while mom or dad attends to baby (or tries to nap).