Safeguarding Your Precious Resource: The Evercord Difference

As a parent you only want the best for your family. With our world-class genetic expertise, proven quality, and experienced lab, we're offering parents something unique.

A Step Above the Competition

For a more detailed look at why we think these qualities are the most important when it comes to banking, simply click on the service in the “Feature” column.

Feature Cord Blood Registry 47 Viacord 48
FDA-approved collection bag with FDA-recommended anticoagulant 66,82

Anticoagulant is designed to preserve your baby’s stem cells during shipment to the lab.

Preserves all cell types when you store cord tissue

Preserving all cell types may give your family more potential options in the future.

Stored in a FDA-licensed facility 50

An FDA license reflects high standards and high-quality procedures, as well as an understanding of regulatory processes.

Number of units released for transplants by lab 3

A high number of transplants released reflects experience coordinating with hospitals and shipping samples if needed.

Nearly 1,000 350+ 325
Quality guarantee

Illustrates a company’s confidence and willingness to endorse their product.

$100,000 $50,000 $25,000
Benefits for first referral 47, 48

Reflects our dedication to customer loyalty and providing benefits for families who bank.

$200* 1 year free 1 year free
*Restrictions Apply

Evercord’s Quality Service Guarantee

At Evercord, we guarantee the integrity of your baby’s cord blood sample. If your child’s cord blood stem cells are used in transplantation and the cells fail to engraft, Evercord will refund all service fees paid as well as an additional $100,000*.

*Restrictions Apply

Accreditations That Offer Peace of Mind

Evercord offers access to a premier lab, this is one of the few cord blood banks in the country that is licensed by the FDA. The lab is staffed by highly trained technicians to ensure high quality services for your baby's stem cells. 50

FDA-Licensed Lab



The Difference Between FDA-Registered and FDA-Licensed

When a bank is FDA-registered, it means they have provided a list of their products and each of the manufacturing steps they perform to the FDA. Registration with the FDA doesn't mean a firm is "endorsed" by the agency, it simply means the firm has notified the FDA that it is performing one or more manufacturing steps. 49

Cell Care Protection During Transport With the Evercord Kit

Evercord’s kit keeps cord blood stem cells safe when temperatures become extreme. Maintaining the ambient temperature of your patient’s umbilical cord during transport to the lab helps maintain stem cell viability.

Related FAQs

  • What is the difference between a public and a family bank?

    A public, donation bank is for the public’s use. They accept free cord blood donations that may help patients in need of a transplant. Not all hospitals offer public banking. Donating to a public bank may benefit sick patients but does not guarantee access to your baby’s stem cells if you need them in the future. When you bank with a family bank like Evercord, your samples are always stored for your private use. Family banking guarantees security for your family’s sample, for the long-term.

  • How does a stem cell transplant work?

    When you and your physician need them, your child’s stem cells will be sent to your transplant hospital and infused via IV into the patient’s bloodstream. If successful, they may be able to repair and heal damage caused by disease. 1

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