Why Bank Cord Blood Stem Cells

Protecting Your Most Precious Moment Now, for the Future


The second your baby arrives is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. It’s singular, unique, and unlike any other you’ll experience in your life. Along with this special moment is one that is equally as rare: the chance to bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood. Preserving this precious resource is quick and easy at delivery, and has the possibility to increase future health options for your family.1

Cord Blood Basics

Your baby’s cord blood is an incredibly valuable resource. Cord blood is the blood that is left in the umbilical cord after your baby is born. This blood contains valuable stem cells.1 When you decide to bank your baby’s cord blood, these stem cells are collected at your delivery and cryopreserved in a secure facility in the event your family needs them in the future.

Cord Blood Basics Cord Blood Basics

Unique and Powerful Cells

Your baby’s stem cells have powerful healing capabilities.1,7 Stem cells work like a “bio-repair kit,” helping to heal and restore tissues, and replenish other cells.6 A single cell can replicate and become many cell types. Cryogenically freezing your newborn’s stem cells preserves them while they are young and in pristine condition, so your family can access them in the future for medical therapies.

Delivering Hope for the Future Through Ongoing Research

Stem cells are expanding the possibilities of healthcare.1 Besides current therapies for cancer and blood diseases, stem cells from newborn cord blood are being studied for new treatments in regenerative and transplant medicine, including conditions like autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, heart defects, and diabetes.7,79,80 With nearly 80 diseases currently being treated and more being studied every day, banking your newborn’s cord blood can open doors to a world of new possibilities.1

A Positive Choice

Deciding to bank your baby’s stem cells now is a choice that may benefit your family’s health in the future. Your baby will have access to stem cells that are a 100% genetic match. These stem cells may also be useful for other family members whose stem cells match your newborn’s.1

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Bank on Better: The Evercord Difference

As a parent, you want the best for your family. Banking your baby’s cord blood with Evercord means you’re choosing a trusted lab partner with 20 years of experience, and an FDA-licensed facility. Evercord is ready to be your partner through your pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.

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