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Highest quality
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private cord
blood banking

Highest quality
standard in
private cord
blood banking

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Start Planning for Your Baby’s Tomorrow with Cord Blood Banking

Nothing compares to the moment your child is born. At Evercord, we understand how powerful that moment can be and want to help you make it last a lifetime. When you bank your baby’s cord blood, you’re investing in a powerful health resource: newborn stem cells.

Newborn Stem Cells Deliver a World of Potential

The chance to bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue is a moment that only comes once. Collected within moments of delivery, preserving this precious resource is quick and easy. The choice you make today may provide important future health options for your family.1

Protect Your Most Precious Moments

When you become a parent, you want the best for your child, right from the start. We want the same for your baby, which is why we created Evercord, a newborn stem cell banking service for families. Evercord is the result of a partnership between Natera, a leader in prenatal and non-invasive genetic testing, and Bloodworks, one of the top cord blood processing laboratories in the country.


One of only seven FDA-licensed facilities50


Nearly 1,000 units released for transplant3


Complimentary information sessions with board-certified genetic counselors


If your child's cord blood stem cells are used in transplantation and fail to engraft, Evercord will refund all service fees paid as well as an additional $100,000*


Founded in 1944, with 20 years of lab experience processing cord blood

*Restrictions Apply
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