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Forget the Ice Cream—Pass the Tofu

Where do those uncontrollable urges for sweet, salty or spicy foods come from? Or the crazy combinations, like olives and cheesecake? There are lots of theories, like the old wives’ tale that desire for chocolate means you’re having a girl. Read More.

Let it flow

For parents who decide to wait on cutting the umbilical cord immediately after their baby’s birth, there’s a worry that there won’t be enough blood to store for banking. Read More.

A lifelong connection that starts in the womb

The saying “a mother holds her children in her heart” could literally be true. As it turns out, there’s a lifelong connection that forms between baby and mother after conception — and it starts at the cellular level. Read more.


Does personality start in the womb?

If you’ve ever needed more reasons to relax, take it easy and have fun during pregnancy, here’s a good one: there’s a chance your baby’s personality may be shaped by your activities and emotions. Read More.

Could pregnancy brain be helpful?

While a pregnant woman’s changing body is noticeable to the outside world, changes in the brain are much harder to measure. However, a new study suggests that neurological changes are just as profound. Read More.